Legacy biositemaps in XML format

Historically, there were 5 Biositemap approaches developed to provide a flexible and format-independent means of meta-resource description: web-page scraping, comma-separated-values, XML, WSDL/SOAP and finally RDF. The RDF Information Model is currently the only supported format.

Developers should not use the biositemap XML format to consume, update or create new biositemaps. We are providing the following biositemaps in XML format for backwards compatibility purposes: CCB, NCBO, NCIBI, I2B2, MAGnet, NAMIC, Simbios.

Web Service for Backward Compatibility

The following REST-style web service will convert a (RDF) Biositemap into a simple XML file with property name/value pairs similar (though not identical, since property names have evolved) to earlier XML formats.

Web Service URL
http://rest.bioontology.org/biositemap-server/parse?url=<biositemap url>
Usage Example

The entire software project is available at https://bmir-gforge.stanford.edu/gf/project/biositemaps/.